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You may have noticed that I’ve been away for a while, writing and editing for the great http://www.skymovies.com, and helping them launch their new website: www.skymovies.sky.com

But before the Oscars this Sunday (26th Feb for those of you not paying attention) I thought you might like to see the various reviews I’ve written on those films that are Oscar-nominated.

So, here goes:
The Artist
The Iron Lady
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
A Separation
Jane Eyre
Real Steel

And, even though it didn’t get a SINGLE Oscar nomination, I’m going to include my Shame review here too, since, to my mind, it was definitely one of the best films of last year.
You can see several more of my reviews in JPEG version below, as they are currently being moved from one place to the other on the live site.

THE HELP (Double-click on the images to see the larger version)



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How I learnt to love the western

If you want to see a picture of me in a Stetson and chaps – or if you want to read about how few women there are in Westerns – buy The Times today or go to http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/arts/film/article2902553.ece I know there’s a paywall but it’s cheap as chips and I promise the photos of me trying to look like Clint Eastwood are worth it… 

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Wes Craven on board for Scream 4

Why don’t some horror franchises ever die? Wes Craven has confirmed that he is to direct the fourth Scream film, a decade after the last in the trilogy opened to decidedly luke-warm reviews.

Now, I confess, I absolutely loved the first film – a joyful mix of blood-curdling horror and squeaky clean teen romance. I even liked the sequel, although my enjoyment of it was slightly marred by a viewing of it at university after which a mischievous friend thought it would be hilarious to write a note reading “You will die” and pin it to my door with a carving knife while I was sleeping.

Studios – just like record producers – have rather a taste at the moment for reviving, or remaking, old favourites. The Wolfman, Clash of the Titans are just two of this year’s examples. And franchises can certainly make money however terrible they are – just look at Saw, which is now on its seventh installment, despite running out of original ideas after the first, and which became the most lucrative horror franchise in Hollywood history after the fifth.

But seriously, why on earth would we need another Scream? The “if we were in a horror movie” conceit got old and tired yonks ago. Everyone realised that David Arquette was not really a ham-fisted moron after all when Courtney Cox married him. And poor Sidney has already watched two boyfriends and countless friends die at the hands of masked killers. She deserves a rest – and so do we.

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That’s right. A German one about a love-shy dating show host. Not perhaps the most obvious choice for Waltz post-Tarantino  and post-Oscar but he definitely won’t be pigeon-holed.

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